"Anything one man can imagine, other men can make real."

Jules Verne, Around the World in Eighty Days

Agile. Adaptable. Accessible.

Adduci Studios is a strategically small creative agency whose aim is to pair artistry and subject matter expertise. We believe a thorough and savvy understanding of content and effective storytelling are essential commodities. We know it is by being a good partner that brand clarity and concision become possible. What does this mean?

A Perfect Partnership

We know that the best work can only be done when a strong partnership exists between us and our clients. What does that mean? Well, it means a bunch of things. It means being the kind of partner that really understands our clients needs and is dedicated to their success. It means giving them access to the principal members of our studio. It means being useful – answering questions, providing assistance where we can, connecting people and services. It means never dropping the ball, and much more. We focus on being that partner at all times.

The Yoda Principle

“Judge me by my size, do you…hmmm? ” Like Master Yoda, Adduci Studios is small, but don’t be tempted to judge us by our size. We are a boutique firm by design, potent, agile, and masters of our craft. We keep our agency streamlined because we feel that our clients should always interact with the professionals actually doing the work. Plus, our creative process is much more efficient at this scale. In nearly 20 years we have handled everything that’s been thrown at us and we always get the job done–well. We’re proud of that.

Our Philosophy

We believe a collaborative environment is critical for a skillful fusion of art and content. But an effective partnership is built on more than just a merging of passions and ideas. We believe it is built on three key concepts. Separately they are important, together they comprise a powerful formula:

Show Some Moxie

Dare to de different, bold, gutsy. These are qualities that get you noticed, and bring rewards. The most effective creative solution is the one that stands apart from the crowd. It’s the tap on the shoulder that gets their attention. The one that engages the audience and resonates emotionally. This returns results.

Be Useful

We appreciate that our clients come to us for a reason. Our primary mission is to effectively tell their story. But we know they often require more. More expertise, more service, more knowledge. Being useful to our clients is one of the truest measures of value and is our goal at all times. We wouldn’t have it any other way, and neither should you.

Don’t Be Boring

Let’s face it…in the immediacy of this information age, only the very bold, beautiful or unique garner attention. Mundane creative solutions, whether in a brand, advertisement, web site or even illustration will usually be ignored. Or worse, it could even work against you. Great design sells. And with us, imagination is guaranteed.

Who We Are, Principally

Working with Adduci Studios means you’ll always be interacting with the principals. When projects require additional bandwidth or specific technical expertise, we assemble a specialized team to meet those needs. This way you get the best of two worlds: accessibility and expertise.

Paula Adduci

A smooth operator, Paula is the person you will most likely speak to when working with Adduci Studios. Her creative problem solving and cheerful easy-going manner ensures that projects run, well… smoothly. With a Masters of Applied Medical Science and degrees in Biology and Chemistry, Paula functions as a liaison, helping to translate the most complex concepts into compelling stories.

When she’s not smoothly operating, Paula takes care of her flock of chickens and highly wired German Shepherd with her daughter Sydney. If you want your pants bored off, ask her about her chicken coop project.

Stephen Adduci

Stephen handles much of the design direction and creative strategy at Adduci Studios. He specializes in brand development, and illustration and has over 25 years experience designing creative solutions for clients across a wide landscape of markets. Interestingly, Stephen was trained as a technical artist back when things were still done with pen, ink and brush.

Stephen wakes up ridiculously early most days to train in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and spends entirely too much time collecting and reading about mechanical wristwatches, which he justifies by saying he is studying good design.

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