As a new generation of a long-standing family-owned restaurant took over, updates were desired. Although La Fogata has been around for 20 years and had a loyal following, it went rather unnoticed to new customers despite its highly prominent location in one of the premier shopping and dining areas in the Bay Area. A brand update was needed.

Drawing on the rich visual tradition of Mexico as we created the logo was logical since much of La Fogata’s food is traditional. The name “La Fogata” translates to “campfire”, with the implication that families and friends can gather around a hearth and eat together. The logo depicts just that–two figures facing each other with a fire between themselves. The rich warm color scheme and textural quality of the logo was leveraged onto menus, business cards, and other restaurant graphics.

Published in Logos 2.0 – Re-Designs

Client: La Fogata Mexican Restaurant & Bar

Services: Branding, graphic & menu design, signage