Octave Bioscience

Octave Health is a First-in-class, Fully Integrated Care Platform for neurodegenerative diseases. Octave is creating powerful tools to improve disease insights and management with the goal of driving better outcomes for patients, physicians, payers and Pharma.

The Octave logo represents two profound concepts central to Octave’s mission. First, the platform at the core with the novel data streams coming in and the life changing information going out. Second, Octave is focused on an Informed Care model with Shared Decision-making. They seek to optimize the fundamental Care Moment with a critical focus on the central Physician-Patient relationship. The logo reinforces the idea of this shared communication both from the patient to the physician and from the physician to the patient so that together they can make the best decisions possible.

Client: Octave Bioscience

Services: Branding, graphic design, infographics