As an emerging biotech company, XDx had a particular niche; Through genetic analysis of a blood sample, a doctor can determine whether or not a heart transplant patient is rejecting their new organ. This unique approach to a confounding problem is reflected in a logo that depicts data being extracted from a blood drop, significant to their core mission and science.

This style is reflected in their basic business collateral which uses deep red colors and data squares as a texture. Their name too, is boldly depicted in the identity, creating increased recognition for a company that is becoming a leader in the field of personalized medicine.

Many new marketing and corporate communication pieces were developed which enabled the brand to evolve. This lab manual, distributed to all medical centers using XDx products, further utilized the design elements from the logo with certain additions. Rich photographic imagery appeared along with stylized illustrative graphics while continuing the clean, uncluttered look of previous collateral.

These brochure designs feature clean photographic imagery supporting a bold marketing message, which further emphasizes the scientific nature of the XDx process. In addition, these pieces feature the AlloMap® Molecular Expression Testing logo, first in a family of logos which were designed akin to the main XDx brand.

Client: CareDx (formerly XDx)

Services: Branding, web design, graphic design, events, signage