InterHealth Nutraceuticals

InterHealth is a nutraceutical company responsible for providing active ingredients for many health and nutrition products produced by other manufacturers on the market. They provide ingredients that fight arthritis, boost vitamins or minerals, aid in diet and weight loss, increase nutrition, even help improve muscular strength and recovery.

Several campaigns were developed, each around one of these ingredients, focusing on their benefits. These bold campaigns were designed to entice food and beverage manufacturers to choose InterHealth’s unique products for inclusion in their own product lines.
Ads, brochures, posters and tradeshow materials were developed for many of the campaigns, with coverage in national and international media.

Of particular note is a Holiday card featuring a new set of reindeer for Santa. Each with a name reflecting the qualities of one of InterHealth’s active ingredients.

Client: InterHealth Nutraceuticals

Services: Branding, graphic design, events