Robinson Wheel Works

Robinson Wheel Works is an independent bicycle shop that’s been around for over 20 years. In all that time, they have never had a logo. This is not uncommon for small bike shops, most of which serve a local community and rely on word of mouth referrals for customers.

Robinson Wheel Works is not a typical bike shop, though. Owned by a former professional cyclist, this shop specializes in custom fitting bicycles for customers. Its reputation for this specialty extends to the several bicycle brands they sell, who permit Chris, the owner, to interface directly with their framebuilding design departments to dial in specific requirements for his customers.

The logo captures the truly special hands-on technical capabilities of Chris and his shop, and shows that their expertise extends to both road bikes and mountain bikes, with elements of both present in the design. All in all, a logo well fit for a craftsman.

Client: Robinson Wheel Works

Services: Branding, graphic design, signage